Happy Baba Marta Day!

For many, the first day of March is a day of celebration, a celebration of the upcoming spring season, of life and a new beginning. In Bulgaria, March 1 is known as Baba Marta Day, or Grandma March Day in English. One of my friends is Bulgarian, and last year on the first of March, she introduced this tradition to us.

Everyone is given a bracelet, woven by red and white thread, called Martenitsa, to wear. You’re supposed to keep wearing them until you see the first flowers on a tree. When you do, you take off the Martenitsa and tie it onto the blossoming tree you see.

Baba Marta Martenista Bracelts

In addition to the bracelets that you wear, there are also red and white dolls made with thread that can be given and then tied onto trees. Below is a care package my Bulgarian friend received this year, filled with Martenitsa to celebrate.

Baba Marta Martenitsa care package

The whole tradition sounds so cool. As trees fill up with the wristbands and dolls, it becomes really pretty, especially with the blooming flowers mixed it. What a great way of celebrating the changing of the seasons.

(Photo credit: Lili D.)


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